Bully Performance Audio is a family owned electronics manufacture out of Houston, TX. We specialize in mobile electronics equipment .My brother Juan and I, Cruz De Los Santos, started out in 2004. The both of us put our money together and rented a small booth outside of a flea market. We had less than $1500 worth of product to sell along with our installation services.We worked very hard over the years. As a result, we grew our flea market booth into a shop. We eventually branched out into two different shops in the city of Houston.However, My brother and I wanted to try something new with the ambition to continue to grow as a business. So we looked at our own business for new opportunities.

We began importing our own product over seas to sell and distribute at our shops. After working with different manufactures through trial and error we found a product that we were proud of. We began producing car audio equipment as the Bully Performance brand you know today. Altogether, 2019 marks our 15th year in business and our official launch for Bully Performance Audio.

Bully’s main product line offers subwoofers, amplifiers and door speakers but we also have wiring and car audio accessories.We have two other brands that fall under the Bully Performance Audio umbrella. Xenontek, our LED headlight conversion kits and Slayer MD, our pro-audio door speakers.We always welcome and appreciate the feedback that we get and use it to improve our product. The product that we have now is not the same product we had 2 years ago.

I can guarantee you the product we have 2 years from now is not gonna be the same product we have now.We’re always looking to improve from sound quality to installation